Administrative Setup

The Chief Commissioner’s office consists of two Joint Commissioners, two Assistant Commissioners and supporting staff. They assist in monitoring revenue collection,  recovery of arrears, disposal of pendencies, redressal of the grievances and complaints of the trade/public. Co-ordination among the Commissionerates within the Zone and effective interaction with the Trade to facilitate the import and export operations are also matters handled by the Chief Commissioner’s Office. It also keeps the Central Board  of  Excise and Customs posted of the progress in GST revenue collection and other Customs related work achieved by the Zone through periodic statements and reports.   The Assistant Commissioner in Chief Commissioner’s Office is designated as CPIO to handle requests under the RTI Act.

Chief Commissioner is a member of a committee that reviews the adjudication orders passed by the Commissioners in the Zone for their legality and propriety. He also supervises the functioning of the Commissioners of two GST Commissionerates – i)Bhubaneswar & ii) Rourkela, Customs Preventive Commissionerate, Commissioner (Appeals)  and Commissioner of Audit Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar. The Chief Commissioner reports directly to the Central Board of Excise and Customs, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.